Campus Academy 2018/2019

    There is a $165.00 yearly enrollment/re-enrollment fee (non-refundable) for a family with one child in the school or a $230 yearly enrollment/re-enrollment fee (non-refundable) for a family with more than one child in the school.  This re-enrollment is due at the time of application and should be submitted by July 1.  If the reenrollment fee is submitted later than July 30, a late fee of $25 will be charged.  No curriculum will be ordered for students without payment of enrollment/re-enrollment fee and extra charge is to cover shipping costs for a supplemental order.

      There is a $50.00 technology fee per family.  This fee provides access to a parent portal where real-time access to student and family information may be acquired as well as account statement viewing and processing of payments.

      For those parents who do not attend Parent Orientation, an additional $50.00 per parent will be added to tuition cost per child.  Tuition is subject to change at any time throughout the school year with 30 days notice

SCA Tuition (grades K-12)


Per Year

1st Child



2nd Child



3rd Child



Member in good standing of ViewPoint Christian Church



Member in good standing of ViewPoint Christian Church 2nd Child










      The total tuition for the family is divided into eleven payments and monthly bills are sent out.  The first payment is expected by August 10 and the final payment is expected by June 10.  Bills are expected to be paid within thirty days.  If you are having difficulty with payments, PLEASE discuss it with the administrator.

ViewPoint offers several different modes of payment.  The following payment options are available for all families:

      1. A 10 month payment plan.  Payment is due by the 10th of the month.  Payments made past the 30th of the month are subject to a $5.00 late payment fee per tuition block unless proper arrangements have been made with the SCA Administrator.

      2. Automatic bank withdrawal plan.

      3. Online credit card payment.

      ViewPoint Christian Academy utilizes PraxiSchool to maintain family accounts.  This web-based software program has a parent portal that parents may access to review statements, balances, and payments.  ViewPoint can assist families in establishing recurring electronic payments through our electronic payment processing company Stripe.

      In the case of early withdrawal of a student no tuition will be refunded.  Monthly bills for that student will cease.  If monthly payments have been made up front they will be refunded.  If a student is withdrawn in the middle of a month in which payment was made up front the refunding policy is as follows: withdrawn after 10 school days that month - no refund; withdrawn 10 school days or less that month - half of that month’s payment refunded.

      If payments have been made before the start of the school year and the student is withdrawn before starting school or within one week of school, all payments (with the exception of enrollment or re-enrollment) will be refunded.  Withdrawal after the first week of school will follow the policy of withdrawal in the middle of the month.

      Students enrolling in ViewPoint after the start of the academic year will be charged according to the following scale.  Full month’s tuition charged if enrolled between the 1st and 10th of the month.  Two-thirds of a month’s tuition charged if enrolled between the 11th and 20th of the month.  One-third of a month’s tuition charged if enrolled between the 21st and 31st of the month.  Tuition for the month of June will be a full month’s tuition.


      ViewPoint Christian Academy realizes that some families may have overwhelming financial burdens that may make payment to the school very difficult.  Financial arrangements should be made with the administrator.  There may be times when ViewPoint Christian Academy will extend forgiveness of debt to certain individuals or families.  The administration reserves the right to utilize this endowment at its own discretion.