High School Graduation Requirements

ViewPoint Christian Academy maintains a high-quality and demanding high school academic program.  While predominately a college preparatory program we offers three courses of study for high school students.  These are the basic graduation requirements, although the concept of individualization is still maintained.  Here is a list of graduation requirements for the three main courses of study offered.

§  Honors Course of study requires a minimum of 27 credits and an average of 94% or higher. 

§  College Preparatory Course of study must receive a minimum of 25 credits.

§  General Course of study requires a minimum of 23 credits to graduate. 

Each high school level course that consists of 12 PACEs earns the student one credit. Courses that consist of 6 PACEs earn the student ½ credit.

 Download Course of Study sheets to see requirements for graduation.

An Accepted Program

Graduates from ViewPoint Christian Academy have been accepted at many fine colleges and universities around the country.  Here is a sample of some of the schools that have accepted ViewPoint graduates:

Secular Colleges and Universities

§  Anna Maria College

§  Bay Path College

§  Becker College

§  Fitchburg State University

§  Nichols College

§  Norwich University

§  Old Dominion University

Read more: Accepted Program



ViewPoint Christian Academy is a ministry of ViewPoint Christian Church.  A detailed statement of faith is available for review at the church's website.  ViewPoint Christian Academy has enrolled students from various denominational backgrounds.  It is our practice to major on the major doctrinal issues and minor on the minor issues so that students from various denominations are not only comfortable in our school but challenged to grow in their walk with the Lord as well.

Educational Philosophy

   ViewPoint utilizes curricula that are BIBLE-BASED and that follow the philosophy of INDIVIDUALIZATION and MASTERY.  This is a fresh and revolutionary approach to education.       
   The student is diagnosed and assigned an individual education plan that is suited to their specific needs.  It is not based on age or chronological grade, but to the individual.  The plan is then assigned to the student in daily, attainable goals.  Attainable goals will facilitate the student’s continued progress and success.
   The curricula is designed for students to master incremental learning skills.  Successful comprehension of the educational material, not time passing or student age, is the determining factor for progression to the next level.

Five Laws of Learning

§  Students must be at subject levels where they can perform.

§  Students must set reasonable goals.

§  Students must be controlled and motivated.

§  Learning must be measurable.


§  Learning must be rewarded.

ViewPoint Christian Academy utilizes the Bible-based Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) PACE curriculum as its core curriculum.  ACE is an individualized, self-instructional curriculum that is mastery based.  Each student learns at their individual level and rate. Students are first give a diagnostic test to discover their performance levels in all subjects.  Any learning "gaps" that may be present are first addressed so that students can successfully operate at their specific performance level. For more information about the ACE curriculum please visit them at their website www.aceministries.com.

Please click here and take some time to learn more about the ACE curriculum and philosophy.
ViewPoint Christian Academy is a high-tech learning institution.  Several computerized and online courses are available to students.

ViewPoint Christian Academy supplements its core curriculum with the computerized learning curriculum Switched-on-Schoolhouse developed by the Christian company 
Alpha Omega Publications.


ViewPoint Christian Academy utilizes the highly acclaimed Rosetta Stone computerized language curriculum for high school students taking foreign language.

ViewPoint Christian Academy also provides the advantage of several extra-curricular programs including athletics, music, drama, photography, and more.  Students may take advantage of the 
Student Conventions afforded through ACE and expand their leadership potential through the events afforded their.

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